Customer Testimonials

At Westfair TV we don't just serve our customers, we delight them!

"Best people in the business"

Westfair TV Audio simply has the best people in the business. Installations are obsessively neat. For example, I recently upgraded all my TVs and a speaker bar in the family room. The installers spent a couple of days making sure the TV and new speaker bars in my family room looked proper sitting and standing at any part of the room. They made adjustments on the order of a few millimeters in spacings to ensure this. Most installers just look spec the 2-D layout on-paper, drill holes, and mount and move on. Not these guys. They are artists and perfectionists. I also have Westfair TV Audio handle my smart home systems (a Crestron core with interfacing to legacy sub-systems). Their knowledge and mastery of the programming nuances as well as networking configuration is superb. I have an old, legacy system that handled motorized shades. That legacy system was always flaking out. Sometimes it would work, others it would not. The company that installed the system could not figure out why. They would just reboot the system, and we'd pray that we get a decent run out of the shades before they stopped working again. When Westfair hooked that legacy system into my Crestron system, they found out why immediately (a subtle network configuration issue), fixed it, and the inconsistent behavior went away. This had been a problem for over ten years, and Westfair solved it in a day. This is tech talent operating at a rarified level. Finally, I will tell you that last week I had Westfair install an outdoor audio system with mind-blowing sound quality. Westfair's service are much in demand, they always have been, but they had a small window of time where they could fit me in. Design, layout, installation (including buried wires all over my patio space), alignment, testing, and adjustment all happened within three days. These days you cannot even get bluetooth speakers delivered in three days, but Westfair made a small miracle happen mid-week for me. So I just spent my Father's Day weekend sitting outside while enjoying high-end audio coming from four speakers (I attach a picture of one of them). If you want the best in the business, look no further than Westfair TV Audio.

John S.

"Superior Service"

I couldn’t be more satisfied with the work, you and your team are incredible – in a world where customer satisfaction is a lost art, you have redefined it in a way others should follow – it is your differentiation! Once again thank you for the superior service – it was a pleasure doing business with you. Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time.



Mark and Greg were wonderful! They were efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous throughout the whole day. Thank you for having such a great staff to work with, it made the event of joining the 21st century with our new TV even more fun!


"Highest Quality, Knowledgeable"

Highest quality audio and video entertainment equipment coupled with an extremely knowledgeable work force who not only sell the system, but also take responsibility of installing it and supporting the customer in using and maintaining it. Not inexpensive, but still good value!

Marshall G

"Team of Experts"

Mark and your team of experts are doing a great job. We are so looking forward to spending time in our home theater.


"Top 1% of All Vendors"

I have built 5 spec houses in Greenwich over the last 4 years. I have therefore been working with several hundred vendors for various tasks. I can say, without hesitation, that Westfair is in the top 1% of all vendors I have ever worked with. It is with great pleasure that I recommend your firm, as I do to my clients, who purchase homes from me and need to upgrade beyond the standard equipment I provide. Feel free to have your prospects contact me directly if they care to further discuss any project they may consider undertaking with your firm.


"Great, Informative, Fun"

The WTV Guys were great, informative and even fun to have in house.


"Pride themselves on doing excellent work"

If you talk to Greg or Glenn and want to tell them – my compliments to the two guys today. Extremely courteous, professional, neat/organized and I admire that they pride themselves on doing excellent work. I especially appreciated their professionalism.


"Thoroughly Impressed"

Just wanted to tell you that my wife can’t say enough good things about your delivery guys. She said they were the most helpful and professional she has ever dealt with. They offered to setup in any way she wanted and overall just very friendly, courteous, and out of their way helpful. She was thoroughly impressed. Please give them my thanks and kudos. Thanks again.



Everything went splendidly; I am sitting in my kitchen watching the TV right here at the counter while I have dinner! John was great; just as you said. I look forward to having them work on the other projects! Thanks for checking in; I’m very pleased!


"Thank you so much!"

Dear Dan, Thank you again for taking care of the arrangements for having my TV installed. You have always been very helpful, professional, and very nice when I have called Westfair. Thank you so much. John who did the installation today is another example of a wonderful member of Westfair. He was extremely respectful of my home, professional and thorough in his installation as well as very pleasant. It needs to be stated that I very much appreciate the service Westfair offers and I treasure the fact that it has always been a pleasure dealing with Westfair because of professionals like John and you. Westfair is fortunate to have employees like John and you, for you are why we will call again for service and recommend you to others. Thank you again.


"What a Home Run!"

At about 4:45PM on Saturday, April 7, I figured out that the bulb in my Sony TV had died. Sony Customer Service gave me a phone number for Westfair TV. When I called, I was greeted by a very nice salesman. He explained about the bulb and said he was closing at 5PM. When I told him I was in Oxford, he mentioned West Haven might be closer to where he resided. He did the transaction using a credit card and gave me directions to his home where I could meet him and take the bulb. What a home run! You are very lucky to have an employee like Dan.


"Could not be happier"

Hi Glenn, Thanks very much for your help. We could not be happier with our TVs and sound system. As always, your guys are great and it was so much fun listening to beautiful music at our Thanksgiving dinner.


"Outstanding Design and Installation"

I write this in strong support of you and your team. Your design and installation services are outstanding. Specifically, you are able to take a very complicated system, simplify it and make it work well. In addition, you install it with great precision, attention to detail, and cleanliness. The best compliment I can give all of you is that because you are all so good you make it look easy! With many thanks and best wishes to all.


"Love the Technology"

Greg, Whatever you did, I can now get all my audio request music files here in London too. Just fantastic to have access to my music again. I love the technology – and the service too.


"First Class"

Hey Glenn, Your guys did an excellent job! They are first class all the way! You can count on me as a reference at any time. Thank you again.


"Neat, Thorough, Efficient"

You delivered exactly as you said you would, neat, thorough and efficient. I have even been able to figure out how to work everything thanks to Andy! Thanks again.


"You will see us again"

I just had to tell you that I can not believe the picture on the new TV. We don’t have HD yet and I can’t stop looking at it in amazement. I also want to thank you for the attention that you gave my wife and me. The big box stores couldn’t care less about your needs. You took your time, explained everything, which allowed us to make an educated decision. Again, I have to thank you, and you will see us for our next purchase. Thank You

Leo and Debbie

"Westfair techs are really great"

Hi, just wanted to say that we love the TV and sound system! I also wanted to tell you how wonderful John and Dan are! I love those guys. They are so professional, courteous and take their work very seriously. You can be very proud of the job that they do. All the techs that we have had from Westfair are really great!


"Capable, Lovely People"

I am excited about the new system. I’ve waited years to listen to music easily (i.e. not fight my way into a system). I have always been impressed with Mark’s quiet expertise and talents, so to see him again was a pleasure. I thank you all for a job exceedingly well done by capable and lovely people.


"Quality of work is fantastic"

The quality of work is fantastic, however, where this team stands apart is their customer service. Noah, Dayon, Greg and the entire team were always responsive, thorough, and seemed to truly care about the end product. Looking forward to working with Westfair again soon.

Mike D.

"Look no further"

I’ve used Westfair for my audio/video needs several times over the years, both for my home as well as my business. At home: house-wide audio both indoors and outdoors (including underwater speakers for the pool), integration with lighting and entry systems. At work: conference room phone, network, and presentation systems (including a TV that drops from a hidden panel in the ceiling), as well as a modest, multi-screen, multi-source system for a “war room”. The service does not come cheap, but if you are tired of systems that eventually flake out on you or after-sale support that lacks enthusiasm and follow-through, look no further than Westfair TV Audio.

John S.

"Talented and Courteous Team"

Years ago, when we started using the talented – and courteous team at Westfair, we experienced the most professional service available for our audio / video needs. As we added technology to our home, or changed from outdated systems to keep our network in synch, Westfair always adapted hardware, wiring, to keep pace with advancing internet speeds and viewing options, but never pushed us for expansion beyond our comfort levels. We have recently moved and have used Westfair professionals again – and will continue as we arrange the spaces within our new home. My husband and I can count on all their associates to “make everything work” and adapt systems we already have with new available hardware so we can simply enjoy our equipment. And, important to us, we don’t have to contact various manufacturer representatives, we make One phone call to Westfair and they always respond with extraordinary service.

Alex C.

"Best they've ever seen"

Geek squad gave rave reviews on your installation. [They said it’s] one of the best they’ve ever seen.


"Thrilled with the Experience"

Hi Glenn, I know that John expressed our sincerest thanks for the amazing job your crew did with our installation, but I just wanted to voice my compliments as well. Their courtesy and professionalism were impressive, and the pride they showed in being part of your company is a testament to the environment you provide. We are thrilled with the experience! Thank you again.


"Highly Recommend Westfair TV"

Excellent and responsive service for our recent new TV installation! Dan Goodman was pleasant, informative and very professional. Would highly recommend Westfair TV.

Cathy O.

"Speaks for itself"

Thanks again for getting your crew here today. I thought I would pass along an mail I got earlier today from my wife, Sharon, about John and Dre. They did a great job. I think it speaks for itself…


"Two Thumbs Up!"

These guys rock! They are so easy to work with and provide great results. The new TV is awesome. I’ve never heard the surround sound sounding so good. I may have to start watching TV! They seem to do everything right. Frank, thanks so much for the recommendation! Two thumbs up!


"Craftsmanship, Service, Artistry"

It came out perfect. Even better than I imagined, and I was imagining something excellent. You and your team are the best. This is true Steve-Jobs-level craftsmanship, service, and artistry.


"It's Perfect"

Hi Glenn, My wife is extremely pleased with the work. Andy did an outstanding job! It’s perfect. He installed the system in a great location. It will be very easy for all of us to use. I set up the XM service last night and programmed in a few presets. We could not be more grateful for the way it turned out!


"Works like a charm"

Nice job. The remote works like a charm. It’s now Dorothy’s favorite piece of electronic equipment next to her iPad and iPhone. Who would have thought that would ever happen?! Thanks so much for talking me into the TV3. Great piece of gear.


"Westfair's service is Top Notch"

Hi Glenn, Andreas and John were excellent. They were professional and hard working. I love the way that the TV looks, as does my wife! Now if only I could put something on that is not a Nick Jr show…. Today is Sunday so you can bet that football will be on for most of the day. Thanks again for everything. From my initial conversation with you to the installation with Andreas and John, Westfair’s service level is top notch.


"Picture Perfect"

Thanks so much, Glenn! We are thrilled with our new system – it is truly fabulous and we have been having so much fun playing with it. Also, Andy and Dre could not have been better or more professional etc. They were great company for two days. Thanks so much to you and them for a picture perfect job! You will be highly recommended.


"Great Job"

Andy did a great job with my calibration. Thanks again.


"Always a Pleasure"

I want to thank everyone for the terrific work that was done in such a timely manner. Dan did a great job this morning and made the installation seamlessly. Thank you. Always a pleasure to work with you fellows.


"Excellent Team"

Everything worked out really well. We thought your team did an excellent job – great folks to have working for you. Thanks for everything.


"A Pleasure"

It was a pleasure working with Greg and “the boys” and I think they tolerated us well! Will call if there are any problems, but none so far.


"So Awesome!"

You all are so awesome! Everything is perfect and so professional and neatly done! Thanks Glenn!


"Delight to work with"

Thanks so much for getting to my home with the rush of Christmas. Andy worked his usual magic and got all of our issues fixed and working. Andy is a delight to work with; he knows our house/systems well. Always makes sure everything is in good working order before he leaves. The customer service that I received this week is the reason I keep doing business with Westfair.


"The best!"

I absolutely love the home theater system you installed almost two years ago. I also really like the new remote and the high end Sony Blue Ray we upgraded to a year ago. When I play a blue ray disk the TV is the best!