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We love home theaters. But not every house is equipped for a deluxe home theater room that brings a better-than-the-movies experience to your home. If you're home does include room for a theater, contact us to see how we can build a premier home theater that will blow you away every day. Though you don't always need a theater room to get a theater-quality experience in your home - all you need is the right equipment.

Follow these steps to turn build a theater in your living room.

For casual viewing areas like a bedroom, office, or gym, a standard TV with a quality soundbar will deliver fantastic picture and audio for every day use. But when it comes to a proper media room where you entertain guests, throw family movie nights, or watch the big game, you'll want to splurge on high-end TV and audio.

1. Sony Master Series Television or 4K Projector

The central feature of any media room is the screen. For viewing areas 85 inches and less, we recommend the Sony Master Series television line. No TV on the market can compete with Sony's picture quality, audio processing, and reliability. With their X1 processor, Sony TV's can turn standard 1080p resolution to near-4K levels, actually enhancing the image from cable or satellite feeds. This is just one of the many reasons we choose Sony over any other brand.

If you want a true theater feel with a larger viewing area, go with a Sony 4K projector and projector screen. There are several affordable options for projectors that bring 4K resolution to the whole wall and will last for years.

2. Surround Sound Audio

When it comes to a high performance audio system, every component is essential. From the quality of the speakers down to the cables that connect them to your receiver, every piece of your audio system should be top of the line. Westfair provides only high quality gear that keeps your system running at peak performance for a lifetime. We will work with you to find quality speakers and receivers that fits your audio goals and your budget.

Here are several surround sound setups that can enhance your media room:

3.1 Surround Sound: 1 Front Speaker, 2 Rear Surrounds, 1 Subwoofer

This setup gives you a surround sound experience with the fewest number of speakers. Great for media rooms with limited space or projects with a limited budget.

5.1 Surround Sound: 3 Front Speakers (Center, Right, Left), 2 Rear Surrounds, 1 Subwoofer

This system offers a big jump in surround sound quality without a big leap in price. Having three front speakers and two surrounds sends sound all around the room and makes it feel like you're immersed in the world with the characters on screen.

7.1 Surround Sound: 3 Front Speakers (Center, Right, Left), 2 Rear Surrounds, 2 Side Surrounds, 1 Subwoofer

This is a near-home theater quality setup that will let you watch movies and listen to music like you never have before. These speakers work together to send audio around the viewer in every direction.

x.2 Surround Sound: The "x.2" means any number of speakers (3, 5, or 7) with 2 subwoofers. For movie buffs and audiophiles, the extra subwoofer offers a range of sound that you can feel, not just hear. Pair this with lossless audio files and 4K movies and you'll see what you've been missing all these years.

Dolby Atmos: This is a new product from Dolby, the leader in surround sound standards, adds a new dimension to surround sound never done before. They add a popping speaker to any and all of your existing surround speakers that point at the ceiling. This bounces audio off the ceiling so you hear sound above you. The quality will knock your socks off and the affordable pricing options will astound you. Come experience Dolby Atmos at our showroom on Post Road in Fairfield. Stop by anytime or schedule a demo.

(Okay the Dolby Atmos system may not be best for your living room, but it's really cool.)

3. Universal Remote with Custom Automations

Control your living room theater with a custom programmed remote. With one touch, we can turn on your television, choose the input, power up the speakers, and more. Ditch the basket of remotes on your coffee table to a universal controller.

Thinking of building a unique home theater experience in your living room? Connect your lighting and window shades to your remote so you can dim the lights and black out the sunlight whenever you turn on the television for a movie.

Any one of these improvements will enhance your media room and viewing experience. Doing all of them will enhance the way you live at home. To talk through options and design your ideal media room, contact sales to schedule a in-home consultation.

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