Bye Bye Black Friday

Over the past few years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have grown immensely. Consumers stampeded through the doors and overloaded their carts, both in store and online, in search for once in lifetime deals. But the reality of these "holidays" is far more grim. In addition to the physical dangers of Black Friday mobs, these two days undermine the spirit of the holiday, don't actually save you money, and do damage to local communities and economies.

Support Fairfield's "Buy Local" Campaign and Shop at the Many Small Businesses that Make Our Town a Great Place to Live and Work.

Ditch the Doorbusters!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have taken over Thanksgiving weekend and driven consumers mad with discount hysteria. But in truth, these "holidays" are in conflict with the true spirit of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every holiday this time of year. Instead of encouraging everyone to perform acts of generosity and take time to give thanks, Black Friday drives us all into a frenzy. We all get pitted against one another to grab the last pair of headphones off the shelf, even it means throwing an elbow into our neighbor's ribs.

And it's not just bad for consumers. The retail workers are forced to give up their time with family on Thanksgiving to work all night. And throughout the night, they're dealing with high tempers and huge messes that arise in the midst of mayhem. Simply put: it's not with the hype.

Super Discounts Don't Save You Money...

With all the excitement of lower prices and limited time offers, consumers tend to overpay or get less bang for their buck. For one thing, many people get swept up in the prices they end up overfilling their carts and spending more money than they would normally.

Even when the price is lower now, you could pay more in the future. Many big box retailers push their cheaper (read: poorly made) products on these big discount days. The lowest price TV is probably the lowest quality and will end up failing within a couple of years. It's likely the picture quality or sound will fade over a short period of time. So you'll miss out on high quality picture and audio AND you'll be back in the store to replace your TV in no time.

It can hurt your local economy.

The last and arguably biggest reason to bail on Black Friday is that it hurts local businesses - the bedrock of any town community and economy. Spending your money at giant retail chains or at online retailers makes it harder for small businesses to thrive. Most local stores have the ability to match prices of national chains year round, but cannot take the super slim margins offered this time of year.

This is why there's been a resurgence of Small Business Saturday which encourages shoppers to go to their local pet store, toy store, and yes, even an electronics store like Westfair TV Audio in place of shopping at the big box stores.

Fairfield Chamber of Commerce recent launched their "Buy Local" campaign to promote the trend toward spending money locally. Supporting your hometown's businesses is the best way to spread holiday cheer, not to mention the benefits that get poured into the town's community and budget.

So this year, say "Bye Bye Black Friday" and choose to support the local stores that make your community so wonderful. Happy Holidays to all!

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