4 Top Tech Gifts Under $400

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Westfair has deals on all the best gifts for your technophile family members and friends. From portable bluetooth speakers and headphones, to deluxe home theater systems, when it comes to TV and Audio, we do it all. Here's how you can get in on the action this holiday season for discounts at Westfair and around town.

Before we begin, remember to Buy Local this year!

1. Multi-Room Audio with Sonos

Starting at $199.99

One of our favorite ways to spread holiday cheer is through music. And Sonos is a great way to get quality audio throughout your home without breaking the bank. Connect your existing speakers or buy one of their high end Wi-Fi speakers and control them all through the Sonos app.

Learn more about Sonos products.

2. Sonos Move - Portable Bluetooth / WiFi Speaker

Price: $399

Keeping with the Sonos theme... they just launched the new

Sonos Move product - the most versatile portable speaker out

there. This speaker easily integrates with the Sonos system in

your home, adding a music zone that you can take anywhere

around the house. But the Move can also leave the Wi-Fi network

in your home and act as a Bluetooth speaker on the go.

With a 10-hour battery life and a weather resistant design, you

can bring the music with you anywhere, all day long.

Learn more about the Sonos Move.

3. High End Headphones

Starting at $199

There's a lot of hype about bluetooth earbuds or high end in-ear headphones - don't buy it. The best (and only) way to listen to music while studying, commuting, or simply relaxing in a quiet space is through quality over the ear headphones. We're talking about brands like Sony, Bose, and even Beats. Options include Bluetooth, Noise-Cancellation, and several finishes for anyone's design taste.

4. Streaming Devices

Roku starting at $49.99 | Apple TV starting at $179.99

Turn any TV into a smart TV with a streaming device like Apple TV or Roku. They have every streaming service you could subscribe to and them some. With an intuitive interface, 4K quality, and voice controls, an Apple TV or Roku is our preferred choice for adding streaming to your home.

We prefer the Apple TV for any iPhone users. This device enables you to turn your phone into and all in one streaming controller. Use the built in app to control your Apple TV or display your photos and videos on your TV with screen mirroring. You can even stream YouTube videos from your phone right from the YouTube app. It’s the highest quality, most versatile streaming device available.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us today to pre-order your ideal gift in time for Thanksgiving or the Holidays.

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