4 Media Room Must-Haves for Football Game Night

Football season is in full swing. That means your Sunday afternoons are spent huddling around your television keeping warm by the fire (or by drinking some beer). But is your media room set up the best it can be? Are you stuck waiting for close-up replays to catch the game's finest details? Maybe it's time to think about making improvements to your media room or home theater. But what improvements are the most essential?

Follow these four steps to unlock the greatest potential for watching football all season long and for years to come!

1. Sony Master Series 4K Television

This year some NFL games will be broadcast in 4K, a much needed step toward a superior viewing experience. And this is just the beginning, 4K Ultra-HD is steadily becoming the standard for national broadcasting and you'll want to be ready for it when it arrives.

The centerpiece of every media room is the television, and nothing beats the Sony Master Series. Sony is one of a few television manufacturers that also produces movie and TV show content. As a result, they strive to build their displays to capture the creators' vision as it was intended, from the lens into your living room.

Sony's investment into research and development yielded the new X1 Extreme processor that brings image intensity and color contrast to new heights. In addition to rendering dazzling 4K picture quality, this processor also enhances standard HD signals to near-4K levels meaning everything you watch takes on new life.

Words can't adequately describe the difference in quality, but you can learn why we choose Sony above all others.

2. High Performance Surround Sound

Second only to a visually stunning display, your sound system is a critical part of creating the best viewing experience in your media room or home theater. The built-in TV speakers are not equipped to deliver the quality of sound needed to really enjoy the game. To get the best experience, you'll want to get a good sound bar, or better yet, invest in a surround sound system that really fills the room.

How do you choose between them?

Audio systems can range in budget depending on what you need. If you host frequent NFL parties, movie nights, or simply enjoy an intense, hair-raising audio experience, a surround sound system is the way to go. You can choose between a wide array of speaker brands and products to build your surround system that meets your budget.

The best alternative to a full surround sound speaker system is a quality sound bar. Many can run Dolby Digital surround sound and simulate a full-room surround system by directing the sound waves to bounce off the walls in your room. While this is a great solution for many, nothing beats the real thing.

Come test out various soundbars and surround sound systems at our storefront at 1961 Post Road in Fairfield.

3. Custom-Programmed Universal Remote

Any time you have more than 1 remote, you're doing too much extra work to enjoy your media center. And these days, most home theaters or media rooms have many devices including a TV, receiver, streaming device, and Blu-Ray player. The best and most dependable way to control all these separate items is to use a universal remote.

After years of trying out several remote brands, we discovered RTI (Remote Technologies Inc.) and fell in love. The have ergonomically designed, durable, and aesthetically sleek remotes fit for any room and any user tech-savvy or not. Plus we will custom program to prevent getting out of sync or locking up your system. One of the best features we can build into these remotes are one-touch controls that turn everything on with one button.

Some DIY universal remotes, like Logitech's Harmony remotes, are a good budget-saving way to access all devices from one place. You can download their software, program the remote on your computer, and start using it by this Sunday's game. And while these are generally pretty reliable, they're a bit of an eye sore compared to higher end custom programmed remotes.

Learn more about RTI in this post by Westfair.

4. Guacamole

Ok, we can't really help with this one... but people love guacamole. Everything is better with guac.

There are many ways to enjoy NFL season this fall, but these four must-have items will bring your game day experience to new heights. Time to make moves and get your place upgraded in time for the regular season!

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