Frequently asked questions

Can I tour the school prior to formally applying?

Of course! You can schedule a tour at any time, either online or by calling us. We would love to show you around and answer any questions you may have.

What if I want to reserve a spot for my child to start at a later date?

Given the capacity constraints, we will accept applications for a future date as long as space allows. If after you've applied, and before your child begins, there is an immediate need for that reserved spot, we'll ask for a non-refundable deposit in order to maintain your spot and thereby exclude another child from that spot.

Do you accept ELC tuition assistance?

Yes! We are a proud partner of the Broward County Early Learning Coalition School Readiness program. Please apply for the scholarship with their office at and use our Provider ID 20719 and our name as your designated school.

How do I apply?

You can fill out and e-sign an application online here. You may still need to fill out a few forms in the office when you come in. Be sure to see next FAQ regarding what to bring.
Alternatively, you may come into the office to complete the registration packet and other forms. No appointment is necessary.

Do I need to bring anything else in when I apply?

A. MEDICAL FORMS You'll need to bring in your child's medical forms from your pediatrician. These are:
1. Form #680 - Child Immunization Record (1 page; this expires periodically and will need to be continually updated until your child is fully immunized ) 2. Form #3040 - School Entry Statement of Good Health (2 pages; this form is good for 2 years since date of physical exam) As long as your forms are current, often your doctor may be able to upload these onto their "patient portal" for you to access without having to go into the office. This is true of Pediatric Associates. B. FOOD PROGRAM FORMS
We'll also provide you with a State Food Program application in the office. If you have FAP, SNAP or TANF (food stamps, welfare, etc.), please be sure you know or can access the 10-digit case number when you arrive. Otherwise, you dont need to bring anything. C. YOUR MOBILE PHONE We'll set you up on our Brightwheel management system while you're here. This manages everything in one place for your child. This is alot easier to do if you have your phone with you.