When it comes to your business, you won't accept anything short of greatness. We feel the same way. 

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The Power of Business Technologies

Integrating technologies into your day to day operations can unlock a higher potential for productivity and efficiency. Whether you install business and communication tools in your office, set up or audio video equipment and lighting controls for your store or restaurant, your customers will feel the difference, and so will you. But if you and your employees can't seamlessly operate the system, then it has no value. Our award-winning software is designed for ease of use, with little or no training required. 

We work with top brands to custom-build the ideal suite of hardware and software to fit your business. Upgrade the communications equipment, presentation systems, and energy monitoring devices in your office and enjoy a reliable system with high-impact technology operating at an efficient cost for many years. Crestron has a wide selection of high-impact tools to help your business grow, and Westfair TV Audio has the unique expertise to get the most of our technology.

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"I have worked with several hundred vendors...

Westfair is in the TOP 1% of all vendors I've worked with."

                                       - David, Greenwich Real Estate Developer



We treat customer service as seriously we treat as our craft. We value transparency, accountability, and follow-through.


When you measure twice and cut once, there are no wasted resources and no surprises. Westfair's highly disciplined technicians ensure every project is done correctly, looks beautiful, and finishes on time and on budget. Our customer, John, explains it best:


If you are tired of systems that eventually flake out on you or after-sale support that lacks enthusiasm and follow-through, look no further than Westfair TV Audio.


-- John S.